strength in teaching, research and service provision activities, responsive, in terms of both form and content, to the actual needs of the user.;

originality, in the institution’s ability to present itself with methodologies integrating theory and practice, and with a flexible organisational structure that can give a balanced appreciation to issues of identity and difference;

multidisciplinarity, as the approach integrating diverse fields of knowledge in order to find solutions to complex problems, combining the economic, environment and social aspects of sustainability;

partnership internally, with the academic institutions and with other public and private organisations, in order to act in a synergic and efficient manner;

innovation, as a constant fundamental objective, in order to adopt a proactive stance in predicting the future developments of a rapidly evolving situation;

territoriality, when executing the institutional mandates, indicating the special focus placed on the needs of the reference region;

internationality, to create opportunities for international mobility and cooperation for teachers, researchers and students.