29 August 2016

A. Antonucci and G. Corani will organize the 8th International Conference on Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGM 2016). The workshop will be held at USI in Lugano on September 6-9, 2016. PGM will host over 70 participants coming from top universities of several different countries.

28 August 2016

The SmartH2O Summer School on Smart Systems for Urban Water Demand Management has been held on August 22-25 in the Monte Verità, Switzerland. The program focused on managing household water demand using ICT and smart economics: from monitoring consumption with innovative smart meters, to profiling users’ behaviour, to understanding how different stimuli can nudge behavioural change, and, finally, how integrated ICT solutions can be adopted by water utilities.

21 June 2016

This year the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA, USI-SUPSI) celebrates the 10th anniversary of the partnership with Armasuisse, Science and Technology, the federal office in charge of the development of military decision-support systems for the armed forces. “We are grateful to the IDSIA research group for their excellent contribution and we are very happy to continue this collaboration to face the new challenges posed by the future” says Philippe Luginbühl, Risk Assessment Project Manager of Armasuisse. The Armasuisse Science and Technology Unit is in charge of the technological services used by the army; particular importance is given to the development of tools for risk analysis and security evaluation.

18 May 2016

IDSIA's co-director has been interviewed by the TV Show "Through the Wormhole". The successful American science documentary television series is narrated and hosted by American actor Morgan Freeman.

6 May 2016

Thanks to a grant from Simio LLC, SUPSI IDSIA uses the Simio discrete event simulation software for eductational purposes and for not-for-profit research. The value of the grant can be estimated in 120'000 USD.