A monitoring system: inno3monitor

inno3monitor assembles and analyses primary data (collected directly in the local area), and secondary data (from cantonal, national and international data sources) on the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship, comparing the cantonal data with national and international statistics.

It is a Business Intelligence tool that gathers together a set of indicators covering the technological, economic, organisational and behavioural dimensions of entrepreneurial & innovative processes.

 The inno3monitor  monitoring system of the innovative and entrepreneurial dynamics, currently being developed by the inno3 research team, makes use of a number of monitoring tools that have already been launched, or to which inno3 contributes actively in terms of studies and surveys various types. The most important elements include:


  • the GEM survey, an international project that focuses on recording the levels of entrepreneurship in 54 Countries, analysing the determining factors, while also proposing policies that may enhance entrepreneurial activity. inno3 is part of the Swiss team, so data collected can be compared at the international level, and the entrepreneurial behaviour of individuals can be monitored.


  • the GUESSS survey (Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey), an international project that records the attitudes, activities and entrepreneurial plans of students. The survey is conducted with SUPSI Bachelor and Master students from all departments, and is coordinated by the inno3 Competence Centre.
  • SwissStart-up Monitor, a national project that aims to create the first central data bank on start-up performances, identify the main factors of success, and provide information about the impact of public and private promotional initiatives for start-ups. inno3 has been part of the project Advisory Board since January 2013.
  • Assimonitor, a project promoted by the Swiss Federation of General Insurance Agents (FSAGA), and which aims to create a monitoring system for the Ticino insurance sector. The objective is to acquire data, information reports and empirical evidence that can support strategic considerations, and provide a further element that inno3 can use to monitor innovation and entrepreneurship.