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Molte università organizzano delle "Staff weeks", attività di formazione organizzate per il personale amministrativo e tecnico universitario in Europa.

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La piattaforma online di IMOTION, centralizza le informazioni su queste attività ed aiuta il personale amministrativo delle università a trovare la formazione adeguata o il monitoraggio del lavoro che stanno cercando.

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

SAVE THE DATES: 18th – 20th May 2020
5th International Week at University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Faculty of Business
It is our pleasure to invite your teaching and non-teaching staff to participate in our International Week. We would like to offer all our students and staff members the chance to broaden their knowledge in a number of fields, and we truly believe that your participation will be of great interest to us. The main objectives will be to share ideas, strengthen our partnerships and to have extracurricular activities and networking events.

Therefore, we look forward to welcoming a variety of partners from different countries. You can choose whether you would like to teach in English or German. In some cases teaching in your native language may also be a possibility.

For the additional information, please visit the Staff Week website.
Please confirm your attendance until January 31st, 2020 by filling in the online registration.
We will get back to you as soon as possible confirming your participation.

University of Lorraine INP, France

University of Lorraine is pleased to invite you to the First International Staff Week organized by Lorraine INP, the department of the Engineering schools of the Université de Lorraine (France).

The goal of this Staff Week is to create a discussion about perspectives on teaching and learning in higher engineering education and to share experiences and best practices on international partnership.

This will be the opportunity to learn more about the management of International Office, to participate in discussion about mobility programs, services offered at our University, visits of schools and Research laboratories and also meet your international partners.

In the same time, you will have the chance to get more familiar with the Lorraine Region and its great location.

The event will take place on 11 – 15th of May 2020 in the city of Nancy.
In order to register, please fill in application form.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

SAVE THE DATES: 6th-8th May 2020
International Staff Exchange Week at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Faculty of Business Management

The primary goal of the week is to offer our partners to visit VGTU to get familiar with the research fields of the University, to participate in the International Scientific Conference "Business and Management", to discuss the challenges of nowadays education and to share a positive experience.

If you are interested in participating in the staff week, we kindly ask you to fill in the application form. Deadline for applying: March 1st, 2020.

The fee of 70 EUR includes participation in the conference "Business and Management" as a listener. For Exchange Staff Week participants who want to take part in the conference as a presenter, the participation fee is 200 EUR (instead of regular price of 250 EUR).

For the additional information, please contact Milena Medineckiene ( or visit the Staff Week website.

Previous Staff Week video.
Facebook event.

Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Belgio

SAVE THE DATES:  21st-24th of April 2020
International Days at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences
STATE of the ARTevelde
Department of Health Care studies
Artevelde University of Applied Sciences warmly welcomes faculty members and international coordinators from its partner institutions to our International Staff Days to gain inspiration, exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas.
We want to bring together a programme involving the different disciplines of our health care studies department with a programme of teaching, benchmarking, networking in every specific health profession.
Besides, the programme offers opportunities for networking.
Together, teachers and international coordinators, will gain inspiration on innovative ideas in transdisciplinary work within every professional area.
Topics for the workshops and panels may include:
* 3 ID-Innovation LAB's (including study visit)
* Simulation education (including study visit)
* Working on creative competences with students
* Gentle student
* Preparatory trajectory for outgoing students: Healthcare as a Global profession
* Example of good practice in South-Africa: Aim for Die Sterrenweg
Target group: All faculty and international coordinators of health professions
21st of April 2020: interdisciplinary programme
22st-24th of April 2020: programme in every discipline: OT, Speech Pathology, etc.
Artevelde University College Ghent
Campus Kantienberg - Voetweg 66, Ghent, Belgium
Website (will be online after 1st of December 2019)

CEU San Pablo University, Madrid

SAVE THE DATES:  23st-26th of March 2020
VIII International Seminars at School of Business and Economics

The International Seminars’ main objectives are to strengthen the cooperation between our University and our partner Institutions, to increase international opportunities and provide international experience for staff and students. In general, we would like to offer all participants the chance to broaden their knowledge and network with peers in a number of fields. We truly believe that successful cooperation is based on personal encounters and meaningful exchange of ideas, experiences, skills and strategies for best practices.

Visiting lecturer's contribution
In order to exchange and share views on a number of key economic and business issues and promote internationalization, our professors at the School of Business and Economics have identified a number of topics. We would like to invite you to focus your lectures on one or two of these topics and prepare your contribution in English. The topics are the following:

Business Management
Business Intelligence
Smart Cities

Details of the topics on the attached pdf under maggiori informazioni.

If you are interested in participating, please register before January 15th by filling this form.

Universidade Europeia, IPAM Lisboa & IPAM Porto, Portogallo

Universidade Europeia, IPAM Lisboa & IPAM Porto invite you to participate in our 14th INTERNATIONAL WEEK, that will take place between 9th and 13th March 2020.

Main goals:
•    Open the door of our University to the World
•    Give International experience to students, teachers and staff;
•    Disseminate mobility opportunities;
•    Networking;
•    Methodologies and knowledge exchange;
•    Increase research.

The registration will be between October 15 and December 15, 2019.
For more information please contact

To find out more about Universidade Europeia and IPAM please visit: | |

Centria University of Applied Sciences, Kokkola

SAVE THE DATES: 3rd Friday 7th February 2020
International Language Week 2020

“Differentiation in Language Teaching”

It’s a great pleasure for us to invite language and communication teachers at our partner institutions to participate in our sixth International Language Week. We invite you to give lectures and/or pair up for co-teaching with Centria teachers in any of our language courses, but we also welcome colleagues wishing to participate in the form of an international staff mobility exchange.

You can teach in one (or two) of the following language courses:
Professional communication: English, Swedish, Intercultural communication
Beginner’s level: German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish , Russian, Finnish and French
Your exchange will fulfil the Erasmus+ requirements as we can guarantee 8 hours of teaching.

The didactic objectives are:
•    Team teaching in culture and language learning
•    Academic networking and professional development
•    Pedagogical exchange through workshops for language teachers

As part of the programme we organize a workshop focusing on differentiation in language teaching. What is differentiation in the context of teaching? How should we deal with differentiation in language teaching and where do we find professional inspiration in a learning environment that has become adapted to individual needs.

For more info and for registration please write per email to by January 2nd 2020.