Mobility programmes

The opportunity to spend time abroad or in another canton should definitely not be missed!

This section describes the mobility programmes open to SUPSI students, teachers and staff, and the mobility programmes that foreign students, teachers and staff can complete at SUPSI.

Further information regarding the procedures and documents required during the application phase can be found in the individual sections on the left. These procedures and requirements vary from programme to programme.

International students

SUPSI is happy to welcome students from all over the world. Those interested are asked to explore the menu on the left in order to choose the type of programme in which they would like to participate, and then follow the relative instructions.

Should you require any further information, please contact the International Office:

SUPSI students

As a first step, SUPSI students are asked to find out about mobility options by exploring the menu on the left. Those interested must then apply for the competition announcement for the current academic year. Students must download and complete the form on the right, then sent it to their departmental coordinator. The deadlines for this are: before the end of September for those planning to leave in the spring semester, and before the end of February for those planning to leave in the autumn semester.

Should you require any further information, please contact your departmental coordinator.

Teachers and staff

SUPSI promotes and subsidises the mobility of teachers and staff, from and to SUPSI. Those interested should explore the menu on the left, and then contact their departmental coordinator directly.