The SmartFlex project aims to demonstrate the multi-functional photovoltaic building element as a plug and play device that can be safely and easily installed onto any building. It wants to provide a platform for solar elements to be customised, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated into buildings. Architects’ requests are met by enhanced modularity in system design, various sizes, colours, shapes and materials.

SmartFlex bridges the gap between photovoltaic manufacturers and architects. It aims to meet the technical requirements that architects, engineers and installers encounter when designing, engineering and installing building-integrated solar systems.

Photovoltaic cells and modules can be part of the building structure, which means they can replace conventional building materials rather than being installed at a later stage. Equipped with solar elements, a building can produce renewable energy and pave the way towards modernity and sustainability.

Glassbel Headquarter
Glassbel Headquarter
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