Context aware applications

It is a mobile computing paradigm in which applications can discover and take advantage of contextual information (such as user location, nearby people and devices, and user activity). Context-awareness implies intelligence that enables an application to discover, analyze, and predict a situation, and adapt to it in a dynamically changing environment. ISIN competences in the context-awareness area span from context-ware communications to context-aware information management and context-aware technologies.

Context-aware communications

  • Techniques for data dissemination in context-aware systems
  • Applications and middleware support, mobile social networking applications
  • Mobility models and statistical analysis of mobility traces
  • Context and social awareness mechanisms and algorithms
  • Participatory sensing in autonomic and opportunistic networks

Context-aware information management

  • Context-aware profiling
  • Context-aware advertising
  • Recommendations for mobile users
  • Social Behaviour

Context-aware technologies

  • Indoor localization

Further information

Salvatore Vanini, Senior Researcher