Cooperating with us
Cooperation Examples

KTI/EU funded projects

The PROMO project is an example of successfull KTI-funded project.

The increasing spreading of top-medium range mobile phones offering advanced capabilities and the broader use of short-range wireless technologies embedded in them are laying the foundations for the development of new added-value services. One of such services is proximity marketing, which consists in distributing localised wireless advertising contents to users interested in.

R&D or consulting mandates

The project Cobra involved our Institut for the 3 phases during 2 years.

The 2nd phase, the most important, was the one who involeved the Information Systems and Software Eingineering lab (ISSI). We transferred technologies and methodologies in the software development and distributed projects management contests. SUPSI has been asked to form a support team for improving development processes and methodologies at Cobra Sophia Antipolis. The team, 3 collaborators, introduced project elements and agile development participating actively to the project in the PAYD (smart insurance, to be more precise “pay as you drive”) contest. SUPSI managed the whole project, which involved other companies in England.

Semester or Diploma projects

Diploma project done with the company ArchilexSA, see pdf file for details.