Audio visual processing and Immersive Multimedia (AVIM)

The AVIM research area has its focus on technologies for multi-media streaming and processing, including computer vision, as well as for virtual and mixed reality, including video games.

AVIM has expertise ranging from the compression, streaming, and manipulation of digital medias such as audio and video to the automatic extraction of information from multimedia streams. Further expertise includes the implementation of 3D immersive multi-media and augmented reality worlds and digital game development with a particular emphasis on serious and educational games.

Audio, imaging and computer vision

Audio processing

  • Development of algorithms for audio synthesis and digital-audio manipulation.
  • Design and implementation of real-time audio-processing applications for embedded devices and workstations.
  • Development of audio-streaming and -processing cloud-based software infrastructures.

Imaging and computer vision

  • Development of algorithms for digital-image segmentation, object tracking, classification and video processing.
  • Design and implementation of real-time video-processing applications for computer vision (including applications for embedded system-on-chips).
  • Development of video-streaming systems.

Virtual and augmented reality

  • Design, implementation, and deployment of customized real time 3D visualization software on immersive devices.
  • New human-computer interaction paradigms based on gesture recognition and body tracking.
  • Creation and navigation in interactive virtual environments (e.g., for simulation/training, cultural heritage, entertainment, tele-presence, etc.).


  • Design and implementation of entertainment and serious videogames by using game engines.
  • Development of cloud-based server-side infrastructures for multi-player videogames.

Further information

Tiziano Leidi, Lecturer and Researcher

Achille Peternier, Lecturer