Complex networks and pervasive communication

NetLab has a profound expertise in networked communication systems as well as in complex systems and networks. In these areas, NetLab has both theoretical and systems-oriented expertise and regularly attracts funding from a wide array of agencies and programs, ranging from the European Commission's Future Emerging Technology (FET) program to Innosuisse.

NetLab expertise has been applied in many interdisciplinary projects and activities, intersecting several of the application areas of the institute and collaborating with other institutes of DTI as well as with other departments. The key topics include:

  • complex systems;
  • mobile and wireless networking;
  • wearable systems;
  • pervasive and ubiquitous computing;
  • machine-to-machine communication;
  • cyber-physical systems;
  • resource-constrained energy-aware communication;
  • emerging communication technologies, such as visible light communication.
  • opportunistic computing and networking;

Through NetLab, ISIN has played a leading role in several groundbreaking projects in pervasive computing and networking as well as complex networks and systems. Several graduate students have been able to pursue their Ph.D. within these projects, receiving two Best Ph.D. awards. Furthermore, ISIN members received two Best Demonstration Awards for activities related to these projects.

Further Information

Silvia Giordano, Professor