Complex networks and pervasive communication

In the Internet of Things, pervasive communication is what makes all sorts of heterogeneous devices inter-operable, so that everything can talk to everything else.

We are living in the era of ubiquitous computing: heterogeneous
devices must leverage a common pervasive communication fabric to stay
connected. Leveraging a host of different wired and wireless
technologies, pervasive communication is the glue that enables the
inter-operability of personal smart devices, sensors and actuators,
vehicles, and infrastructure in a wide range of application fields,
ranging from smart healthcare to smart homes to smart cities.

Through a wide palette of international and national projects in the
areas of cyber-physical systems and pervasive computing, ISIN has
developed a rich background in pervasive communication that goes far
beyond standard approaches and encompasses cutting-edge topics in:

  • machine-to-machine communication;
  • cyber-physical systems;
  • wearable devices (especially in the e-Health space);
  • novel indoor localization strategies;
  • resource-constrained energy-aware communication;
  • emerging communication technologies, such as visible light communication.

Further Information

Silvia Giordano, Professor