Semantic and Multimedia Systems (SMS)

The SMS research area concentrates on the semantic aspects of the Internet of Things. In the IoT, man-machine interaction takes place more and more via voice and gestures, and it is increasingly critical for systems to correctly detect the user’s intentions.

In this context, semantic analysis approaches the knowledge structuring and search issues from a data processing point of view by means of semantic tokens that provide context to the natural language. The traditional keyword approach is replaced by a concept-driven one, where concepts can be identified through different kinds of semantic analysis, ranging from statistical ones to information retrieval, domain knowledge driven, and predicate logic approaches.

Additional expertise is related to the Semantic Web (Web 3.0) and Linked Open Data, as well as Web standards and architectures.

In summary, this research area focuses on:

  • Semantic analysis
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Psychological and User profiling
  • Statistical approaches to data analysis
  • Semantic Web, Linked Open Data and Ontology
  • Multimedia and Interaction

Further Information

Lorenzo Sommaruga, Professor