Ambient Intelligence

This research area is focused on the design and creation of innovative solutions about home automation, putting together heterogeneous hardware and software and allowing their use thanks to NUIs (Natural User Interfaces): touch interfaces, voice and gesture recognition.

The aim is to obtain an active ambient, more comforting, safe and able to avoid energy waste; the home will be able to collect useful information from the external environment and interact with the user to make everyday life easier. Elderly people, ill and disabled people can be independent and benefit from an enhanced quality of life (collaborations with the ICT4Healt Area); AmI will optimize energy use, based on the user’s behavior and other factors (collaboration with the Energy and Environment Area). The technologies will be adaptive, context-aware and transparent, in order to a make a personalized user experience


Nicola Rizzo
Head of Ambient Intelligence Area

Phone: +41 (0)58 666 66 87