Image Granno

The project general objective is to provide innovative solutions and ICT services to answer the social and health-care needs of elderly people at sustainable costs.
In this context SUPSI ISIN contributes to the integration of heterogenous devices using the Domoml software framework. This allows the different devices to interoperate, monitor and alert critical situations both of the environment and of the human living in it.

Omni Profiler

Image Omni Profiler

Omniprofiler is an applied research project partially financed by CTI in collaboration with the home automation industrial partner OmniBus Engineering SA. The project objective is to develop a solution for gathering data from home automation systems aimed to profile user habits in different contexts. In particular, a residential care home module is going to be created in order to improve the quality of life, safety, and control of elderly people.

Domo ML

Image Domo ML

DomoML is a framework that consists of a suite of XML based languages aiming to describe and interconnect heterogeneous devices (Domotics Modeling Language).

MSI@work – Modelling Social Interactions in Real Work Environments

Image MSI@work – Modelling Social Interactions in Real Work Environments

The objective of this project is to model the behavioural patterns of employees and keep track of the social interactions among people in a real work space by recording their movements and registering their on-line interactions.


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To respond to the loss in shipments, Technocell has decided to deliver a prox-imity marketing service over its distributed Smartphones.