The costant increment of life expectancy and the progressive population aging involve a increasing issues about social models and public finances. Home automation can contribute to solve some needs derived from aging, because it allows to improve autonomy, wellfare and quality of life of elderly people.

However, traditional home automation systems are generally limited to the environment control, not able to adpat to user needs, closed solutions with low integrability. There is a need for flexible, intelligent adaptable systems which exploit Ambient Assited Living (AAL) technological solutions.

OmniProfiler is an applied research project partially financed by CTI (KTI-CTI 16138.1 PFES-ES) in collaboration with the home automation industrial partner OmniBus Engineering SA. The project objective is to develop a solution for gathering data from home automation systems, working with different standards, aimed to profile user habits in different contexts. The solution offers information and signals related to the controlled environment. In particular, a residential care home module is going to be created in order to improve the quality of life, safety, and control through elder profiling.

This system is foreseen to collect environmental and biometric data, to be able to analyze them on a medium/long-term identifying particular situations that vary from the norm and may represent potential risky issues. The project involves other SUPSI units: DSAN for health and sanitary issues, and IDSIA for the data profiling algorithm.

Contact information:
Lorenzo Sommaruga