This research area is focused on the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the higher and vocational education, also called “educational technologies”.

ICT is taking a primary role in today’s education: Learning Management Systems, Multimedia digital content (in particular: video), mobile learning, on-line quizzes and assignment, digital simulations, are only few examples that complement, enrich, and transform education for the better. In this area we investigate on the latest developments of Educational technologies, apply them in real-case contexts, and research on how they can be employed to improve the quality of educational activities.
Main competencies are: Course/Learning Management Systems (in particular: Moodle), Social Media for Education, Tools for interactive video, Open Educational Resources, Simulations, Learning analytics.
We have been involved in several research projects founded by the CTI, Swiss National Science Foundation and we have a long experience in EU LLP and ERASMUS+ training projects, where we provided an essential support in the use of appropriate ICT technologies for e-learning.
The mission of the Education Research area is also to support SUPSI teachers in the use of ICT in their didactical activities and to help them to adopt the instructional strategy on the use of computer-assisted teaching as part or as complement to classroom instruction.

Riccardo Mazza
Head of the Education Area

Phone: +41 (0)58 666 6505