Environment & Energy

It is an applied research area which exploits the ICT competences in energy and environment related applications.

In the energy domain, a key point is  boosting the energy-efficiency of ICT as well as using ICT to boost the energy-efficiency of non-ICT systems.

As the carbon footprint of ICT continues to grow, it is imperative to optimize its energy consumption. A key research topic is the greening of cloud computing, mainly through the exploitation of opportunistic computing and offloading techniques that leverage the vast availability of computing devices in our surroundings. Another key topic is the maximization of the energy-efficiency of wireless communication protocols, with a specific focus on resource-constrained communication networks.

While part of the energy problem, however, ICT is also part of the solution as an enabler of green technologies. A key research topic is the application of ICT techniques to the smart grid and energy storage systems.


Daniele Puccinelli
Head of Environment & Energy Area

Phone: +41 (0)58 666 65 97