Environmental Observatory of Southern Switzerland (OASI)

Image Environmental Observatory of Southern Switzerland (OASI)

The innovative aspect of the system is that it allows to collect, manage and analyzie data concerning air pollution, traffic, noise pollution and the weather conditions in an integrated fashion.



Image OS.TE

The instability of the small walls and the possibility of its sudden collapse can cause severe social and economic impact on the territory. It is therefore necessary to intervene in a coordinate and efficient way.

Riparti 2.0

Image Riparti 2.0

DomoML Framework on a raspberry for EV charging monitoring

RiparTI 2.0 is an applied research project, carried out in 2013, which handles the management and development of the infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles. It involves different SUPSI units (ISAAC, ISEA, IDSIA, and ISIN) in collaboration with Infovel and Protoscar. This project adopts DomoML (http://www.supsi.ch/go/domoml) as a solution to control recharging data collection on electrical vehicle stations.


Image Swiss2Grid

The primary idea is to optimise grid management by means of a new concept of Smart-Grid (intelligent network management), which moves from the bottom (local distribution network) to top (global network). DomoML (http://www.supsi.ch/go/domoml) is applied in Swiss2Grid as a middleware to interconnect devices and is running in about 20 houses in Mendrisio plus a small test house at SUPSI – DACD in Trevano.