Social Computing and Communication (SocialCom)

This area starts with the observation that the man is a social animal, and as such acts and communicates. For this reason, the behavior of a person is strongly infuenced from that of other people, the environment and the context more in general.

The research activity of SocialCom is concerned with the intersection of social behavior and computational and communications systems. It ranges from the study of user behavior in "crowd" systems (as the crowd-fundng, or the crowd sensing), to the study of human mobility for localization, classification of their activities/behavior and for the study of their personal interests. These studies are used both for the analysis of individual or social behavior (e.g. mobility systems and transportation means, children' games), as well as for modeling and predicting the behavior of the individual or of the whole system (e.g. human activities and mobility).

Silvia GiordanoSalvatore Vanini
Head of Social Area

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