PROximity Marketing sOlution

Image PROximity Marketing sOlution

The objective of the PROMO project is to investigate localization techniques and mechanisms for the definition of the user’s profile and for minimizing power consumption, to support a proximity marketing solution. To reduce the time-to-market of the solution, the project focuses on domain specific development techniques mostly targeted to embedded platforms.

All Win

We want to study what drives the users' choice in selecting a solidarity project, the correlation behind the donation mechanisms


Nowadays, elderly people and people with health needs are somehow isolated because of their condition and perceive this situation as a barrier for their


SCAMPI investigates technical solutions for a service platform in mobile and pervasive opportunistic networks. Such networks are formed by heterogeneous devices and lack centrally mandated connectivity.


Image TraceMyWorld

The aim of this project is to support Tracemyworld in realising innovative extension's, which can lead to a competitive advantage compared to competitors and take advantage to peculiarity in the AJAX and Web 2.0 interfaces. We will assist Tracemyworld in the definition of a scalable infrastructure and in the security protocol for the service integrity protection.

MSI@work – Modelling Social Interactions in Real Work Environments

Image MSI@work – Modelling Social Interactions in Real Work Environments

The objective of this project is to model the behavioural patterns of employees and keep track of the social interactions among people in a real work space by recording their movements and registering their on-line interactions.


AutoPlay aims at acquiring new knowledge about the natural evolution of play in infants.