Advancements in geological and geomorphological mapping

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Advancements in geological and geomorphological mapping

Field course co-designed and sponsored by swisstopo.

Cartographic surveying requires an iterative methodology of continuous and mutual validation between discrete observations on the ground and continuous spatial representations derived from Earth Observation (EO) methods. Nowadays, EO techniques work on such high resolutions giving the impression that field survey loses its essentiality. In parallel, increasingly high-performance tablets and softwares are a tool for field surveying, allowing to consult images from digital stereo- and mono-photogrammetry, orthomosaics, hillshades, satellite radar interferometry, etc., facilitating the iterative process required for field-based cartography. The aim of this training course is to share experiences and good practices in geological, geomorphological and phenomena mapping, in order to be able to develop fast, efficient and accurate cartography methods.

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