• Stato del progetto


  • Tipo di progetto

    Progetto competitivo

  • Data di inizio

    07 dicembre 2017

  • Data di fine

    31 dicembre 2021

Water resources and aquatic biodiversity are key elements of the environmental wealth of the Alpine Space. Yet, the ecosystem services provided by lakes and other surface waters are facing serious anthropogenic impacts, which are responsible for climate change, impoverishment of aquatic biological communities and invasion of exotic species. In synergy with EUSALP AG1 and AG6, Eco-AlpsWater will enhance capacity building across a network of Alpine research and governance institutions. The pilot actions performed and the innovative monitoring approaches developed in this project will serve as a strong base for an improved, modern implementation of the EU WFD and national environmental laws (e.g. the Water Protection Ordinance in Switzerland). We will strengthen links among beneficiaries/observers and policy makers with the aim to: i) exploit contributions and exchange; ii) promote the ASp experience at the national and EU levels; and iii) promote the implementation of EUSALP agenda.

Responsabile del progetto
  • Camilla Capelli