A global village - Workshop internazionale IMIAD 2018
10 luglio 2018 - 21 luglio 2018
SUPSI, Dipartimento ambiente costruzioni e design, Campus Trevano
IMAID – International Master of Interior Architectural Design - laboratorio itinerante che riunisce cinque scuole universitarie, farà tappa tra il 10 e il 21 luglio 2018 a Lugano con un workshop internazionale organizzato dal Corso di laurea in Architettura d’Interni della SUPSI che esplorerà il tema dell’abitare dal titolo ”A global village”.

This year's annual Interior Architectural Design Program‐IMIAD workshop is scheduled to be run between the 10th & 21th July 2018, in Lugano with the theme “A GLOBAL VILLAGE”, which focuses on Interior Strategies for reanimating outcast people & places. The workshop is organized by the SUPSI‐IMIAD Programme, hosting 60 IMIAD students (from 4 IMIAD Institutions), around 16 tutors and 2 key‐note guests ( Cristian Scapozza and Martino Pedrozzi).

IMIAD Workshops traditionally centre on understanding a selected theme through design exercises (conducted as groups of 7‐8 participants), site visits and lectures pertaining to both theoretical and practical aspects of the theme. This year's topic aims on two themes traveling on parallel tracks: social and environmental recovery, which should give new roles to outcast people and at the same time new identity to a neglected place named Casiroli, a small village in the charming Muggio Valley.

In our modern society there are more and more people that do not find their place because of a temporary inability to produce or to consume (see Zygmunt Bauman’s “liquid modernity”). They are rejected but collected from humanitarian associations. At the same time, remote places have been unpopulated and turned into ruins.

We would like to invite participants to the workshop IMIAD to seize the challenge by giving new roles and identities to outcast people and places. Local associations, owners and all people engaged in the Muggio Valley will also take part to the investigation and to the practical part organized directly on the spot, hopefully guiding and enlightening the students on local issues and potentials.

Coordination Group: Pietro Vitali (Coordinator of International Master of Interior Architectural Design at SUPSI), Isabelle De Luca (Coordinator of IMIAD Lugano 2018 Workshop), Filippo Viano (Secretariat).

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Corso di laurea in Architettura d'interni
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