Business administration

  • Department/School
  • Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care
  • Head of course
  • Diego Lunati
  • Qualification awarded
  • Bachelor of Science SUPSI in Business Administration
  • Course type
  • Full-time course (180 ECTS over three years) Course running in parallel with professional working activity (180 ECTS over four years) Part-time course (180 ECTS over four/six years)
  • Language
  • Italian
  • Application fee
  • A CHF 200 fee must be paid when the application is made. This fee is not reimbursable, and cannot be deducted from the semester fee.
  • Course fee
  • The semester fee amounts to CHF 1,600. This sum is reduced to CHF 800 for students who benefit from the application of the ASUP Intercantonal Agreement for Vocational Universities (Swiss nationality or civil and fiscal domicile in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein). Specific agreements apply for students residing in Campione d’Italia. Contribution to didactic costs: CHF 200 per semester for full-time students, CHF 160 per semester for all other students.
  • Centre
  • Manno
  • Start date
  • 18 September 2023
  • Application deadline
  • 30 April 2023
  • Applications after this date are possible on payment of a fee of CHF 300. SUPSI reserves the right to close enrolments if the maximum number of scheduled places available is reached.
  • Description
  • The SUPSI Bachelor in business administration aims at training all-round, flexible operators, who can deal with new forms of company management and with rapid socio-economic changes.


The SUPSI Bachelor in Business Administration aims at training all-round, flexible operators, who can deal with new forms of company management and with rapid socio-economic changes.


The programme combines the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, using a range of cutting-edge training models, alternating periods of classroom study with in-company work experience in order to promote the acquisition of skills of real worth to the labour market. Great focus is also placed on the personal development of students. Modern day business administration studies entail more than simply the acquisition of professional skills and techniques: they also aim to help students become people who are aware of and responsible for their actions. Real life, economic life, is more complex than would appear in manuals, and society has ever greater needs for ethical and enlightened company managers and directors.

Admission requirements
  • Holders of a professional business certificate or a Cantonal business certificate from Bellinzona enter directly into the SUPSI Bachelor's Programme in Business Administration.
  • Those holding professional technical, artistic or social care certificates, or a high school diploma or its equivalent, are required in addition to have done one year of previous work experience in the field of economics and management.
  • The holders of higher education diplomas related to the field of economics and management are evaluated by their documentation, as there is the possibility of recognition of credits.
  • Applicants over the age of 25 years and without one of the qualifications mentioned herein may be allowed admission based on their documentation. Such candidates must take the entrance exams in the following subjects: mathematics and financial accounting.

Career prospects

Business administration studies provide a springboard for graduates aiming to become leading players in the local economy, gradually taking on managerial or directorial functions in public or private companies, or pursuing an entrepreneurial path, creating and managing their own businesses. The high-quality scientific content of the course, focussing on professional practice, has created a strong demand for SUPSI business administrators. The multidisciplinary knowledge acquired allows them to understand and analyse company and socioeconomic circumstances, in a manner particularly sensitive to regional and national issues. Graduates fit easily into a number of key company functions, assuming specialist or managerial roles, due to their ability to operate responsibly and autonomously and to discuss and relate to other professional figures both inside and outside the company. After two years experience in the fiduciary sector, graduates can apply for authorisation to practice the profession of fiduciary in Ticino.
In addition to pursuing a professional career, graduates can gain admittance to Master's Degree programmes or to federal examination preparation courses (for example, Expert in Accounting).