Leisure Management

The Bachelor in Leisure Management

Sport, Entertainment, Tourism, Art and Culture are the main industries that constitute the Leisure sector. Each area is rich in organisations and service companies that involve even larger supply chains, such as the hotel sector, technical sportswear, venues designed for artistic performances and much more. Some companies operate in transversal sectors, such as events, transport or food and beverage.
The world of Leisure is assuming an important dimension in our lives and is characterised by important transformations that reflect the changes in people's habits in the new globalised society, which is increasingly digital and has a clear need for sustainability. Considering the technological and creative developments, it is easy to understand how companies in this sector require new managerial skills.

The Bachelor of Science in Leisure Management can be attended on a full-time basis, lasting three years, or part-time (over four and up to six years).
The degree course allows students to deepen different areas (Sport, Entertainment, Tourism, Art and Culture) thanks to the specific expertise of the lecturers, the numerous collaborations with local, national and international organisations and companies (in Field Projects, with Case Studies and testimonials from the professional world and internships). Thanks to this combination, students will enter the world of work already having acquired the skills to apply many of the methodologies developed during their studies and, at the same time, will be able to bring innovation.

The preparation courses for international language certifications - Cambridge C1 in English in the second year and Goethe B2 in German in the third year - also provide a unique opportunity to enter the working world with the appropriate language skills to operate in an increasingly competitive international environment.

From September 2022 Part-Time study mode

Starting in the 2022/2023 academic year, SUPSI's Bachelor of Science in Leisure Management will offer a new teaching modality (Part-Time), over 4-6 years. The Part-Time mode of study is designed to meet the needs of those who, in addition to their education, must and want to pursue other projects, whether sporting, artistic, professional or family (this commitment must be at least 50%).

Discover the Bachelor’s degree programme in Leisure Management

Image Discover the Bachelor’s degree programme in Leisure Management

The programme focuses strongly on practical skills and linguistic competences, essential in the various Leisure Economy sectors. Students are encouraged, with the help of their teachers, to construct a customised itinerary that relates to their preferred professional field.


Visiting the section called Testimonial, which is available on the Italian website of the course, it is possible to find short interviews with experts who have participated in lectures in these early years of the Bachelor's programme.

You are also welcome to check out the supsi_leisuremanagement Instagram account and the SUPSI Bachelor of Science in Leisure Management Facebook page for the latest news and events.

Welcome to DEASS

Image Welcome to DEASS

Experience a virtual tour inside the spaces of the Bachelor in Lesiure Management.

Virtual tour


Welcome Day 2021 at Palacinema

Image Welcome Day 2021 at Palacinema

Relive the emotion of the Welcome Day 2021 at Palacinema in Locarno, which was attended by important personalities of the Leisure sector.

Watch the video (in Italian)

Kick-off 2021 at Europa-Park

Image Kick-off 2021 at Europa-Park

The experience and the emotions told by students at the beginning of their journey in the Leisure world, during two days discovering Europa-Park.

Watch the video (in Italian)

Espoprofessioni 2021 - A career as a Leisure Manager

Image Espoprofessioni 2021 - A career as a Leisure Manager

From 22 to 27 March 2021 SUPSI participated in Espoprofessioni. Watch the interview with a SUPSI graduate in Business Administration and a Leisure manager for a look at the professions and career trajectories in the sectors.

Watch the video interview (in Italian)

Tv show - "A lezione per un giorno"

Image Tv show - "A lezione per un giorno"

Live the experience of a Bachelor in Leisure Management's student at the Kick-off days with the episode dedicated to the degree course of the Teleticino's show "A lezione per un giorno" (12 November 2019).

Practical training

Image Practical training

Within the three-year programme, the students complete a work experience period that will allow them to engage with the challenges thrown up by this stimulating sector. The Department provides its students also with the opportunity to spend semesters abroad (SEMP programme).


Video interview with a student

Image Video interview with a student

Elias Bianchi, Bachelor's student in Leisure Management at DEASS, tells us about his study experience at SUPSI!

Watch the video interview (in Italian)


What to do after graduating?

Image What to do after graduating?

The Leisure sector offers multiple career paths within organisations operating in a rapidly expanding market.
Find out in which contexts and areas the graduate in Leisure Management can be employed.