Field project and internship
Within the three-year programme, Leisure Management students will experiment different teaching methods, which give them the opportunity to interact with organisations active in the sector.

Students have the opportunity to listen to expert and companies' testimonials, develop real projects within the modules and visit organisations, as well as carry out a field project and do an internship. In this perspective, several organisations collaborate with the Bachelor every year - be they local, national or international companies or associations (see the section Partners).

Field project

Thanks to the field project, students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a real business case, under the supervision of a professor of the degree course. The organisation has the opportunity to propose to teachers and students an issue it would like to develop. After assigning the challenge, the organisation provides all required information and ensures its support for the successful implementation of the project. Students plan the project and carry out the necessary analyses that lead to a concrete proposal in response to the challenge.

This is an important first step in bringing students closer to the professional world, which gives them the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to a real-life challenge. Through the field project, students learn how to answer to a business need with a concrete project, to schedule the activities and manage time efficently, to cultivate interpersonal relationship with the client and other stakeholders involved, as well as to master the art of problem solving. The project is evaluated by both the teacher and the organisation through a written report and an oral presentation.

The module takes place during the spring semester of the second year of the Bachelor's programme. Examples of topics that students can address: marketing plan, design of an event, relaunch of a region, design of a fundraising campaign, analysis and development of pricing strategies, digital and unconventional integrated communication campaigns, and much more.


Within the three-year programme, Leisure Management students complete a work experience period that will allow them to engage with the challenges thrown up by this stimulating sector. Students are immersed for at least five months in the reality of the organisation as collaborators in all respects.

The internship indicatively takes place during the spring semester of the third year of the Bachelor's programme. Internship placements will be assigned bearing in mind the specific three-year study itineraries of each student, therefore allowing them to gain further specialised experience by means of these internships.

The internship offers the student the opportunity to understand the various working contexts in the Leisure sector, and the various actors involved; to integrate the concepts, methodologies and instruments learned during the programme, and apply them to a real-life challenge;  to test the design, execution and evaluation of tangible projects in the Leisure sector; to gradually assume professional responsibility; to engage with and reflect on the critical factors and challenges of the Leisure sector.

In addition to internships, the Department provides its students with the opportunity to spend semesters abroad (SEMP programme). For further information, consult the appropriate section of the Mobility Service website (see the link on the side).