Special lectures
Some guest lecturers of the Bachelor in Leisure Management
  • Bausch Daniel
Deputy Dean, Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Verscio
  • Borer Dieter
Head of Market Switzerland, Europa Park, Rust, Germany
  • Capello Fabio
Former soccer player and coach, sports executive and
television commentator
  • Carpani Enrico
Head of Sport Department, RSI, Lugano
  • Corvi Ester
Senior editor, Milano Finanaza, Milan
  • Leona Marco
David H. Koch Scientist in Charge of the Department
of Scientific Research, The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
New York
  • Pederneschi Raffaella
Management consultant and creativity expert
  • Valdarnini Marko
CEO, EvolveVR, Lugano
  • Verzotti Edoardo
Winner of the Men’s Coxed Four, 2004 World Rowing Championship
and Co-founder at Rowinteam
  • Zlatkovic Slobodan
Artist Manager, ATC Management, London

Last updated: February 2020

Video Gallery

Watch the video interviews of some of our guest lecturers: