Study programme
The three-year Bachelor in Leisure Management programme consists of interdisciplinary modules designed to develop methodological and social skills. Projects and internships completed during the course provide opportunities for the practical application of these skills.

From September 2022 NEW Part-Time study mode

Starting in the 2022/2023 academic year, SUPSI's Bachelor of Science in Leisure Management will offer a new teaching modality (Part-Time), over 4-6 years. The Part-Time mode of study is designed to meet the needs of those who, in addition to their education, must and want to pursue other projects, whether sporting, artistic, professional or family (this commitment must be at least 50%).

Structure of studies

Image Structure of studies

The Bachelor course entails a total of 180 ECTS credits to be acquired over three years (60 ECTS per year).
The objective of the study programme in the first three semesters is to develop skills broadly related to the Leisure sector. From the 3rd semester, students will be able to select an elective course and to customise their programmes choosing a field of study (for example sport, tourism, entertainment, culture). During the 4th semester, instead, students carry out the field project, an educational project in collaboration with local organizations.
The third year provides tangible opportunities to deepen and implement the knowledge acquired since then, thanks to the internship scheduled on the 6th semester. Furthermore, in the 5th semester, students will be given the opportunity to choose other elective courses, in order to complete their professional profile. The final part of the programme consists of writing a Bachelor thesis.
Language modules are scheduled throughout the programme in order to develop profession-specific competencies (such as writing reports, presenting projects, etc.)

At the end of the programme, students will be awarded a Bachelor of Science SUPSI in Leisure Management.

First year modules*

Image First year modules*

Second year modules*

Image Second year modules*

Third year modules*

Image Third year modules*

* The placement of the modules, their names and their presence in the study plan may be subject to change.