Continuing education and Lifelong Learning

The Department of Business Administration, Health and Social Care conducts a wide range of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning's courses in the fields of Economics (Law and Management), Social work, and Health care (General clinical medicine, Health care management and Rehabilitation), implementing programmes that are continuously revised and updated, with the aim of assimilating (and when possible, anticipating) the needs of the professional world. In order to reach this objective, focus is placed on forging partnerships with professional associations and institutions in the local territory, on flexibility and compenetration between different subject areas, and on executing the course design process together with the main stakeholders. The flexible and modular structure allows professional operators to tailor their individual study programmes so as to balance their work/study commitments.

The extensive Advanced Studies programmes are distinctive elements of SUPSI Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning's courses, and allow participants to attain qualifications that are officially recognised and truly specialist in nature, such as EMBA, MAS, DAS and CAS:


  • Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) and Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA): the MAS and EMBA diplomas (minimum 60 ECTS) are the highest-level qualifications that can be awarded by the university continuing education sector.
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS): the DAS certificate (minimum 30 ECTS) is the most recent Advanced Studies continuing education programme, and is equivalent to a scaled-down MAS qualification. In come cases, a DAS certificate can be integrated into a MAS qualification.
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS): the CAS is the shortest Advanced Studies continuing education qualification awarded in Switzerland. It provides detailed knowledge, allowing participants to specialise in a specific field. In some cases, a CAS certificate can be integrated into a DAS or MAS qualification.

In addition to these Advanced Studies programmes, SUPSI also runs short courses, lasting for one or more days, updating professional operators on specific, topical issues. Some of these courses award certificates worth up to 9 ECTS (which may be accredited to a more extensive Advanced Studies qualification), and also attendance certificates. They involve participation in training days and usually last for a maximum of 48 lesson hours. They may also be counted as components of a more extensive educational programme. The Department organises refresher courses and topic-focussed conferences, and courses tailored to the specific requirements of companies and institutions (customised courses).

All the courses conducted by the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care can be found in the Continuing Education catalogue, divided by subject area. 

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