Customized Continuing Education
The Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning sector of the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care offers organisations, institutes, bodies, associations, and companies a series of in-house training programmes, designed to meet individual specific requirements.

The professional world of Southern Switzerland is very diverse. The broad range of activities conducted in this region constitutes a real asset for the territory. However, this unique feature often involves specific training programmes designed to meet the particular objectives and strategies of bodies, organisations, companies, institutes, and associations.

The DEASS Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Office has experience in the business, healthcare and training sector, extensive knowledge of the territory and of its economic, healthcare and social circumstances, access to lecturers and professional operators who are specialised in a range of subjects, and can therefore ensure customised training programmes for organisations, institutes, bodies, associations, and public and private companies in various sectors.   


  • Ensure that the staff of the client organisation have access to information that is accurate, specific and usable in terms of topics related to the profession, education, personal development, management, healthcare, human resources and anything else that may be required in order to implement a well-structured, customised training programme.
  • By collaborating with specialist teachers and utilising appropriate infrastructures, ensure a training programme that is appropriate for the real needs of the institution, proposing a development plan that is in line with the organisational and logistic requirements of the client, and, together with the client, specifying the contents and objectives.
  • Create opportunities for discussion among staff members, in order to foster the pursuit of shared objectives and strengthen the group spirit.


Institutions, organisations, bodies, or public and private companies that wish to implement specifically-designed training programmes for their staff members.


SUP and university lecturers, professional operators specialised in the various subject areas.


Should you require any further information, please contact the Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning Office at the addresses shown at the side of this page.