The Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care (DEASS) was created in 2014 from the fusion of the Department of Health (DSAN) and the Department of Business and Social Sciences (DSAS). Integrating three sectors (business economics, social and health care) under one roof allowed the Department to set itself the objective of tackling the complex problems of today’s world more effectively, implementing a range of competences that vary in terms of subject area but that have historically displayed a natural tendency toward integration.

The Department also aims to execute its three mandates (Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, and Research) in order to provide specific input to the interpretation of health, economic and social policy issues in Switzerland, focussing particularly on the challenges and needs of citizens, businesses, organisations and public institutions in the territory.

The Department has a strong network of contacts at both the national and international levels. The capacity for constructive discussion with all the interlocutors allows it to understand and interpret the educational needs and the transformations under way in the reference economic and social context.

The creation of a working environment based on transparency and high-quality relationships is supported by focussing specifically on the personal development of staff and students, and on enhancing the ethical and cultural aspects of each person.