Nature and origins

The Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care was created on 1 October, 2014 from the fusion of the SUPSI Department of Business and Social Sciences (named DSAS from 2003, combining the bachelor’s programmes in Business Administration and Social Work), and the Department of Healthcare (in operation since 2006, offering, for the first time in Ticino, degree programmes in Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy).

The person appointed to direct this new Department is Dr. Luca Crivelli, SUPSI Professor of Political Economy and researcher, economist specialising in healthcare and social policy, who first began working with SUPSI in 1997 as a lecturer and researcher. Dr. Crivelli is also a tenured Professor in the Faculty of Economics at the University of Lugano (USI), and Vice-Director of the Swiss School of Public Health.

The new department, which joins the other three SUPSI departments (Department of Innovative Technologies, Department of Teaching and Learning, Department of Environment, Construction and Design) has a typically innovative character resulting from the collaboration between three diverse and complementary areas of competence: economic-business, social and health care.