Research and services

The Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care (DEASS) features a research sector that aims to make advancements in terms of the specific fields of understanding and knowledge considered as crucial in the process of developing a form of professionalism coherent with a constantly evolving context.

Applied research represents an essential element for the growth of the Department, and the work executed provides the basis for interesting and productive exchange-based relationships with the national and international scientific communities, and with organisations and businesses operating in the local area. The research work conducted also augments and strengthens the scientific expertise of the research associates, and provides students with fresh knowhow and opportunities for reflection.

Numerous researchers, scientific associates, doctorate students and assistants at the Department of Business Economics, Health and Social Care work primarily on applied research projects and consulting mandates. The knowledge and understanding they develop is shared with the scientific community, and transferred to students and to the territorial context in which DEASS operates. The research work conducted is an element of growth and innovation, essential for the development of a continuously evolving context.  

By acquiring projects, financed by international, national and cantonal organisations, the Department can play an active role within a more extensive competence network, and exchange ideas with other universities.

The Department also provides a range of services customised in response to specific requests made by businesses, organisations and institutions, aimed at providing clients with objective and impartial information for decision-making.

In organisational terms, research work is conducted in a range of competence centres and laboratories. 


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Carmine Garzia
Head of Research and Services