Centres of competence and Laboratories

The Applied Psychology Competence Centre (APC) offers a structured response to Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning, as well as Research needs of the Ticino region, where psychologists have a vital presence and can find in the Centre an ideal academic partner.
The Competence Centre on Ageing (CCA) conducts research on ageing, and in particular, on the topics of frailty and social vulnerability, and formal and informal care. The research activities aim to support the work of professionals in the field and to promote the well-being and quality of life of older adults. The Competence Centre also offers training and support to different actors dealing with older people and has a documentation centre.
The Competence Centre for Labour, Welfare and Social Research (CLWS) conducts scientific and applied research in the following thematic areas: the world of work and its transformations, welfare models and public policies, migration, forms of belonging and citizenship, ways of learning and social participation, socio-educational intervention in the various specific areas of social work.
The Competence Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship (CMI) was established with the aim of offering support to companies, organisations and institutions in the region in facing the increasingly complex challenges posed by an ever-changing environment. It is divided into six sectors of activity: business management systems; management of public and non-profit organisations; leisure, tourism & experience management; corporate social responsibility and sustainable reporting; internal control, risk management and decision support; innovation and entrepreneurship.
The Competence Centre for Healthcare Practices and Policies (CPPS) was established in 2018 around a series of research on clinical care processes and the organisational systems that frame them. The aim of the centre is to develop and promote effective, ethical and socially sustainable healthcare practices and policies that put the safety and wellbeing of patients, their families and social and health professionals at the forefront based on shared scientific evidence.
The continuous developments and complexity in fiscal law led to the establishment of the SUPSI Tax Law Competence Centre in 2003, with the aim of promoting a pole in Canton Ticino that could function as a reference point in the fields of education and research. The Centre conducts short and long-term educational programmes for those operating in local territory, meeting the increasing demand for expertise in this field, and allowing participants to consolidate and refresh their competences, and therefore to provide high-level fiscal consulting services.
The Rehabilitation Research Laboratory 2rLab was established with the aim of supporting clinical practice through studies of the effectiveness of rehabilitation interventions for the most common pathologies of the neuromuscular system. It also develops tools and methods for the assessment of pain, fatigue and motor disabilities.
The Rehabilitation and Exercise Science Laboratory (RESlab) is based in Landquart and focuses on studying the effectiveness of various therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation programmes, characterising itself as a state-of-the-art human research laboratory.