Competence Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship

Head: Domenico Ferrari
The Competence Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship (CMI) was established with the aim of offering support to companies, organisations and institutions in the region in facing the increasingly complex challenges posed by an ever-changing environment. It is divided into six sectors of activity: business management systems; management of public and non-profit organisations; leisure, tourism & experience management; corporate social responsibility and sustainable reporting; internal control, risk management and decision support; innovation and entrepreneurship.

Trends that have now become irreversible such as digitalization, internationalization, the mobility of human resources and skills, merger and acquisition processes, but also public administrations and the non-profit sector called upon to undertake innovation paths, make them necessary interventions intended to substantially modify the usual leadership and management logics, often consolidated for years.In this sense, there is a perceived need for support in change management, both in the process of defining strategies, and in adapting the management methods of operating activities from different points of view, in particular those of the organization and resources human, marketing and financial economics.

There are also growing calls from various stakeholders to ensure transparent reporting, which presupposes the willingness and ability of companies, bodies and institutions to measure and make their activities visible, quantifying the benefit created and distributed throughout the region.

CMI intends to facilitate change through a pragmatic and flexible approach to the problems that are submitted to it, activating in a synergistic and multidisciplinary way various competences in the field of business management, and making use, at the same time, of the possibility of activating complementary competences present within the SUPSI, particularly in areas such as technology, environmental management, design, arts or education.

It is also the prerogative of the CMI to be the promoter of collaborations with academic partners at local, national and international levels, as well as with local partners at local and national levels, in order to facilitate the exchange of good practices.

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