Competence Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship

Head: Domenico Ferrari
The Competence Centre for Management and Entrepreneurship was originally established in order to support local businesses, organisations and institutions as they face the increasingly more complex challenges generated by a continuously changing reference environment.
The Centre has five operational sectors: strategy, organisation and entrepreneurship, management in the non-profit and public sectors; leisure, tourism & experience management; corporate social responsibility and sustainable accounting; internal auditing, risk management and decision-making support.

The Centre aims to meet the support requirements stemming from change management processes, during the strategy definition stage and when operational management methods are being adapted. Issues are tackled from a range of perspectives, particularly those associated with the administration, human resources, marketing and the economic-financial areas.

The Centre also aims to facilitate change by adopting a pragmatic and flexible approach to the problems it is asked to tackle, triggering various fields of business management knowhow in a synergic and interdisciplinary manner, while simultaneously exploiting the corresponding expertise existing in SUPSI, particularly in sectors such as technology, environmental management, design, art and education.

A key feature of the Centre is that it fosters collaboration agreements with academic partners at the local, national and international levels, and also with partners operating locally and in other parts of Switzerland, with the aim of facilitating the best practices sharing process.

Full information about the Centre can be found at:
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