Competence Centre for Research Methodology

Head: Christine Butti
The Competence Centre for Research Methodology (CMR) is composed of two units that have the common objective of investigating research topics using qualitative and quantitative methods: the Statistics Unit and the Applied Psychology Unit. The two units of the Centre work together in some areas of applied research.

Statistics Unit
The statistics unit contributes significantly to the didactics of research design and quantitative analysis, at both Bachelor and Master level. Courses are conducted mainly at the Department Business Economics, Health and Social Care (DEASS), as well as in other SUPSI departments.
The statistics unit also executes applied research projects at the local, national and international levels, with the aim of providing organisations and institutions with information developed from primary or secondary data, and which can facilitate decision-making in the social care, healthcare and economic fields. 
Should official databanks for data extraction and statistical analysis not be available, as is often the case, the Centre conducts population and sample surveys, utilising the internal CATi laboratory (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) to record primary data. In line with the mixed-mode approach, these laboratory-based telephone surveys are integrated with online surveys, in order to ensure both data quality and response rate adequacy.

Applied Psychology Unit
The Applied Psychology Unit focuses on different fields of psychology in various areas: how behaviour is affected by mental processes and states, theories of human behaviour, cognitive process functions, and psychology in everyday life. The unit operates on three main fronts: teaching, research and services.  
Psychology is taught at bachelor level and in post-graduate and continuing education programmes, by means of specific degree-course modules, or by promoting and designing specialised refresher courses and subject-based educational programmes. 
The Centre also conducts research work in the psychology field, contributing its specific knowhow to research projects, or by directly promoting activities in this sense.
Finally, in terms of services, the Centre is officially authorised to assess psychological fitness to drive. In this area, the Centre conducts specific research and educational work in line with its mission to ensure that evaluation work is accompanied by theoretical thinking, and by specific investigations aimed at examining issues in greater depth.

Both units of the Competence Centre for Research Methodology have collaborated, and continue to collaborate, with each other in a range of applied research areas.

Full information about the Centre can be found at: (website in Italian)