Competence Centre for Healthcare Practices and Policies

Head: Maria Caiata
The Competence Centre for Healthcare Practices and Policies (CPPS) was established in 2018 around a series of research on clinical care processes and the organisational systems that frame them. The aim of the centre is to develop and promote effective, ethical and socially sustainable healthcare practices and policies that put the safety and wellbeing of patients, their families and social and health professionals at the forefront based on shared scientific evidence.

The 21st century is undergoing a series of wide-ranging, new socio-healthcare challenges, which include: population aging with the associated rise in chronic illnesses and polymorbidity; increase in healthcare service requirements and complexity; the need for new roles in the healthcare sector as a result of medical advancements; growing demands imposed on healthcare professionals; technological innovations and digitalisation; the emergence of numerous ethical issues; rising healthcare costs.  

In this context, the Competence Centre for Healthcare Practices and Polices conducts applied research studies and designs services in the clinical-welfare and socio-political fields.  

The multidisciplinary team is formed by researchers from the fields of health, human and social sciences. Many team members also participate in undergraduate and continuing education programmes, therefore ensuring that teaching and research activities are bound together in a process of reciprocal enhancement, and that close contact is maintained with the local area.  

Full information about the Centre can be found at:
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