Centre of Competence on Ageing

Head: Stefano Cavallli
The Centre of Competence on Ageing (CCA) operates in the fields of education, documentation and research into the living contexts of the elderly, in order to support the work conducted by specialists operating in this sector, and promote the wellbeing and quality of life of senior citizens.

The Centre of Competence on Ageing was established in 2011 with the aim of capitalising on and developing the significant work carried out by SUPSI lecturers and researchers in the gerontology and geriatrics sector. The multidisciplinary team consists of nurses, geriatric specialists, occupational therapists, sociologists, psychologists and anthropologists.
The Centre of Competence was created in a context of significant structural changes to social equilibriums. The trend associated with increased longevity and population aging will continue for the next few decades at least, and the resulting changes, new tensions and emerging phenomena must be monitored closely.   
CCA objectives focus particularly on: developing the body of knowledge related to gerontology and geriatrics, in a manner that is science-based, shared and relevant; promoting a culture of care that respects the rights, the dignity and the needs of the elderly and those close to them; providing training courses, supervisory programmes, consulting and coaching services for the various players whose work involves the elderly and aging.

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