Tax Law Competence Centre

Head: Samuele Vorpe
The continuous developments and complexity in fiscal law led to the establishment of the SUPSI Tax Law Competence Centre in 2003, with the aim of promoting a pole in Canton Ticino that could function as a reference point in the fields of education and research.
The Centre conducts short and long-term educational programmes for those operating in local territory, meeting the increasing demand for expertise in this field, and allowing participants to consolidate and refresh their competences, and therefore to provide high-level fiscal consulting services.

Over the last few years the Tax Law Competence Centre has gained recognition in a number of areas: a prestigious Master of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Tax Law launched in 2003, the regular refresher courses for professionals operating in the fiscal consulting field, and last but not least, the many fiscal law publications, including the monthly internet magazine, Novità fiscali (Fiscal News).

The Tax Law Competence Centre expanded its range of long-term courses in 2014, launching a new Master of Advanced Studies in Business Law and Business Crime, and a course of approximately 40 hours entitled Taxation and Business Law (and later offered under the name of Certified Private Clients Advisor).

Another new course, the Master of Advanced Studies in Business Law, was launched in September 2019.

Full information about the Centre can be found at: (website in Italian)