Seminario "Breakthrough innovation in LED lighting systems by means of virtual prototyping"
02 dicembre 2013
SUPSI DTI Aula 230, 9:00
There is currently a push, in some technical fields (e.g. electronic consumer products) to "come up with the next big thing" within shorter and shorter time intervals.
on the opposite end of the spectrum lie technical areas characterized by strong traditions, long development times, where innovation is slow and stakeholders may sometimes be too slow to react when external factors demand a change of pace.
In both those limit cases (and everything in between) virtual prototyping is proving to be an essential tool, enabling design teams to deliver meaningful innovation to the market at the right time. Focussing on one of such "success stories", the presentation will cover a short overview on the technical features of LED lighting systems, and offer the perspective of a thermal architect on the technical and "relational" challenges one has to face when designing an "impossible" system, and how they are overcome with the help of a good simulation model.

Speaker Biography

Born 36 years ago in Matera, southern Italy, Aldo Tralli got his master and PhD in aerospace engineering from the university of Rome "La Sapienza". He worked there as a research associate for about five years after his degree, developing simulation procedures (mainly) for coupled-field applications (nowadays called "multiphysics"), and carrying on R&D consultancy work for industrial customers. About six years ago, after a short period spent in the banking sector, he moved to the Netherlands, where he  joined BuNova, a small engineering company specialized in supporting R&D teams with virtual prototyping expertise.
He is currently a senior consultant/researcher and "CFD competence leader" at Deltares, the institution in charge of managing and maintaining the dutch water infrastructure.