Seminario "Numerical simulation of multiphase flows - (VOF method)"
03 dicembre 2013
SUPSI DTI Aula 230, 9:00
The objective of the present seminar is to show the basic aspects of the free-surface flows (or Multipfase Flows) both from physical and numerical points of view. The Multiphase Flow represents one of more fascinating phenomena of Fluid dynamics.
Such flows occur in a number of engineering applications involving drop impact, liquid jets, and atomization. The numerical simulation of free-surface flows represents a very challenging field due to the complex physical phenomena occurring in typical dynamics of liquid-gas or liquid-liquid interface, such as break-up, instability, and surface tension effects.

Speaker Biography

Giuseppe Rocco is an Aerospace Engineer, expert for CFD. He has an Aerospace Engineering degree from University of Naples "Federico II". On January 2010 he got a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. During the Phd courses he focuses its scientific interests on the numerical simulation of multiphase flows developing a VOF-based numerical code. After 6-month post-doc fellow at CORIA Research Center in Rouen (FR), he joined to KARALIT's team as CFD developer. At moment he is responsible for physical modeling in Karalit.