Study to Leadership in the Digital Age in Swiss Companies
15 dicembre 2020
Webinar 12.30-13.30
The main goal of this webinar is the presentation of the results to the above mentioned study and to provide first insights for Swiss companies for how to implement a “digital leadership”.


To do so, at first, an overview of the ten central dimensions of a leadership understanding for the digital age will be depicted.

Second, we present the findings of our survey study which shows where participating Swiss companies do stand concerning the ten dimensions. The survey was done twice, in 2018 (n=318) and 2020 (n=206). It was filled by middle and top management.

Moreover, the results show also relationships between dimensions, company sizes and the digital progress of companies. This provides insights that may are meaningful for conducting a successful digital transformation. 


Digital leadership is multiple. It refers to dimensions like governance of digitization (“how shall we steer digitization?”) or digital literacy (“how do we include needed digital knowhow?”) to mention just two of ten.

Finally, a digital leadership has also implications on project management. One reason is that projects gain importance as elements of organizational structures in the digital age. Another because it provides the necessary flexibility and agility.


Claude Meier has a Doctorate in Political Science and Business Administration at the University of Zurich. He is the Head of the Specialist Unit for Scientific Methodology at HWZ and the Assoc. Head of the Institute for Strategic Management. Co-Author Urs Jäckli has his Doctorate from the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) and w HWZ.


Registration is possibile by filling in the online form (click here). Participants will be granted a PDU Strategic.