New Bachelor in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
25 maggio 2020
Starting from September 2020 a new Bachelor course in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence will be offered in English at SUPSI.

The new Bachelor program emphasises the ability to implement Data Science and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, making them operational within the company and efficiently analysing even large amounts of data (Big Data).

In each course, preference is given to active learning through practical exercises and laboratories, as well as project work. Interactions between courses carried out both in series and in parallel are also promoted, by means of transversal case study analyses. Numerous multidisciplinary and team activities such as data challenges, hackathons and seminars will be proposed.

Career prospects

Thanks to the advance of digitalization and the ever increasing role played by data, the use of AI technologies has nowadays penetrated almost every industrial sector: from finance (fintech) to biological technologies, from industry 4.0 to the energy sector. The Bachelor program aims at forming qualified students capable of supporting companies and institutions in this challenge, particularly from the perspective of the quantitative analysis of data and thence by intensifying their competitiveness and innovation.