Private foundations play an important role in supporting young engineers, helping them to complete or improve their skills


The goal of the RETECA Foundation is to help and support young engineers from Latin America.
Upon returning to his/her university, the scholarship holder will transmit the knowledge in training and applied research acquired during the stay, leading to a broadened benefit to his/her university and to local industry. This continuity has the aim of creating, through a snowball effect, the expansion of the knowledge acquired in Switzerland, and positively exporting it to Latin America.


The goal of the Rudolf Chaudoire Foundation is to promote professional training and the granting of scholarships.
Since 1995, the Foundation has financially supported deserving young engineers so that they may continue their professional training with a Master’s in Science or with a research project.

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The purpose of the Foundation is to reward and/or make a financial contribution by supporting newly graduated young people at vocational schools, universities of applied sciences and universities of the Canton Tessin. In 2020 was created the cheque for students of the Startup "Garage" of the Department of Innovative Technologies of SUPSI.

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