The scope of the Reteca Foundation is to help and support those young graduates from developing countries who are involved in postgraduate or research activities in the field of electrical engineering or applied electrical engineering, especially in the medical area or in other engineering fields.
With the present agreement, the Reteca Foundation and SUPSI are pursuing the jointly objective of improving the education of electrical or electrical engineering from developing countries.

Education project

The collaboration between the Reteca Foundation and SUPSI must lead to the realization of projects with the aim of transferring scientific and practical know-how in the field of electrical engineering or related areas.Those projects will be realized in Switzerland, at SUPSI, and will have, if possible, an annual frequency.
Young people from developing countries can participate to these projects if they have obtained a diploma or licence from a university institution of those countries, which is equivalent to an education, at university level, of at least three years length. If a diploma or certificate is absent, candidates can be admitted under the condition that they have followed a course of university studies of at least three years length and they are able to certificate that they have passed exams or tests in subjects of an electrical engineering education curriculum corresponding to at least 180 ECTS credits. The evaluation and assignment of the credits will be performed by the accreditation institution. SUPSI is designated as the accreditation institution for the recognition of the diploma and for the certification of passed tests and exams of candidates not having yet completed the study curricula. Countries belonging to the developing countries, either in Europe or in other continents, are those countries recognized as such by the UNO’s organizations.

SUPSI's duties

SUPSI will provide researchers supported by the Reteca Foundation the necessary human resources, logistic resources, machines, equipment and computers necessary to fulfil the project. It guarantees also the correct and regular maintenance, with replacement of the inventoried material of the annex 1 in the report from 11th January 2001 prepared by SUPSI, report that forms integrating part of the current agreement.

SUPSI is also responsible for:

  • Establishing contacts in accordance with the Reteca Foundation, with university institutions of those developing countries that wish to collaborate to those projects
  • Selecting students who are able to participate to those projects in accordance with the Reteca Foundation
  • Providing them accommodation and supervising them during their stay in Switzerland, helping them as well in settling outstanding matters with cantonal and local authorities

Reteca's duties

The Reteca Foundation will fund the stay and the educational project’s realization. The Reteca Foundation contribution will be defined annually on the base of a cost budget that will be submitted to the foundation organs for approval.
The Reteca Foundation entrusts SUPSI with the whole inventoried material of the annex 1 in the report from 11th January 2001 prepared by SUPSI.
The Reteca Foundation can likewise, in an auxiliary way, participate to the funding of other activities pertinent to the education project as:

  • didactical tests’ publication
  • translations
  • study trips or visits
  • activities related to the creation of the relationship net between SUPSI and university institutions of other developing countries
  • complementary activities that the student can run in his/her country of origin during the first year after returning from the education period in Ticino


The Reteca Foundation has the faculty to publicize its initiatives, in appropriate form. It will take care that the supported financial commitment will be communicated discreetly to the interested people and if needed to the public.

In particular, a laboratory at SUPSI will be called “Reteca laboratory”.

Other dispositions

The collaboration between Reteca and SUPSI is regulated by the rules of this agreement. When no special rules are given, the general dispositions of the Swiss law hold.

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