How to apply


Candidates for the grant must:

  • originate from and live in a developing country (preferably from latin America).
  • have obtained a diploma or licence from a university institution in the country of origin of a minimal duration of at least 3 years in electrical engineering or in a related field (alternatively they must prove to have passed exams or tests for course in electrical engineering or related disciplines corresponding to at least 180 ECTS)
  • return, at the end of the stay in their country of origin to ensure transferof know-how according to the purpose of the foundation

SUPSI is designated as the accreditation organization for the recognition of these diploma or licences and for the certification of the exams of students not having yet completed the study curricula.

Admission requirements

Candidates for the grant must send the following documents to the contact person of their university who will forward them to SUPSI/RETECA:

  • Curriculum vitae (only CV in European format and in English will be accepted)
  • English proficiency certificate
  • Letter with expression of motivation and with desired/planned field of activity (in English)
  • Official academic diploma (in Spanish)
  • Official academic transcript of courses, subjects and grades (in Spanish)
  • Recommendation letter from the responsible of the graduation university (in English)

Applications must be submitted, complete with all above documents, to the RETECA online application portal, no later than January 31st of each year.


At the end of the stay the grantee must provide:

  • technical reports for the work performed.
  • a letter of appreciation of the stay and of the impact it may have on the future activities.