Strategy and mission
The training of engineers, with a high level of education and practice during lab hours, is at the heart of the training strategy of the Department of Innovative Technologies. This experience gives young engineers the ability to enter the world of work after having followed training programs aligned with the needs of the target market.

In addition to Bachelor’s and Master’s training, the Department is also involved in research, especially applied research and knowledge transfer to the business reality of Ticino.


  • To offer innovative study programs aimed at training highly qualified young engineers who can contribute to the development and well-being of our society.
  • To offer educational courses for the continuous improvement of local professionals and companies in response to the challenges and rapid changes affecting the socio-economic context.
  • To be a player recognised for its technical and scientific skills at federal and international level; to support the innovation capacity and growth of both the regional system and companies, in particular through applied research and technology transfer activities.


To be a reference point for the social and economic development of the territory by pursuing excellence in the field of engineering with an active role in local, federal and international education, research and innovation networks.


  • Constantly improving the quality of the training offered, and of the structural organization.
  • Strengthening the role of university development by means of national and international research projects.
  • Maintaining the research institutes as a point of reference towards companies in Ticino and the rest of Switzerland, through the development of projects.
  • Making a distinctive educational offer, thanks to the professional experience of the staff of teachers, assistants, and researchers.