Continuing education

Advanced studies

The Department of Innovative Technologies conducts a wide range of engineering continuing education courses. The programmes consider both the ongoing technological developments and the market demands in terms of industry and services.

There is a common approach to all the courses, which combines the transmission of theoretical knowledge with practical activities.

On average, this latter component amounts to 50% of the teaching hours specified for a course and ensures that participants know how to apply their acquired technical expertise to real-world situations.

The educational programmes are designed in such a way that attendance is possible in parallel with professional activity, so that students can obtain the relative diplomas or certificates without in any way compromising their company positions.

The Department plans and implements its course catalogue by creating synergies with local professionals, and exploits the experience of instructors from industry and academia.

The Departmental Continuing education office operates in the following areas:

  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering and management
  • Fashion Innovation
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Project management