Medical Engineering
With an MSE in Medical Engineering, you will be able to contribute to improving the quality of life of many patients. You will do this either by developing new medical devices or by improving existing applications. Specialists with a master’s degree in medical engineering are in demand not only in the production or maintenance of medical devices. They can easily launch a career in the licensing or quality management sectors.

Outline of the profession

As an engineer you will work at the interface between medicine and engineering in the future-oriented fields of health, primarily in the fields of diagnostics, prevention, and rehabilitation.

Profile content

The MSE Medical Engineering profile comprises the following subject areas:

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Digital health systems
  • Medical diagnostics and therapeutic systems
  • Market access for medical devices

SUPSI profile: main focus

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Digital health systems
  • Medical diagnostics and therapeutic systems
  • Market access of medical devices
  • 1 course in Biology, Physiology and Anatomy for engineers

Professional skills

The MSE Medical Engineering profile aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills to carry out design studies and development projects for products, instruments, and systems, and to bring them to certification. This includes knowing the regulatory requirements for the approval of medical devices. You are able to recognise and analyse multidisciplinary problems and develop engineering solutions on your own.

Entry skills and enrolment process

Interested students will be individually assessed for their suitability by the respective University of Applied Sciences. The assessment of the entry skills is part of the enrolment process of the respective school.

Recommended theory modules

The theory modules comprise 30 out of 90 ECTS. The modules are taught by professors from all over Switzerland at various locations. You will take these modules together with other MSE students.

Fundamental theoretical principle modules (FTP)

Technical scientific specialization modules (TSM)

Context modules (CM)

Additional skills relative to Bachelor of Science

With the MSE, you will acquire broadly based knowledge in the medical engineering domain and develop advanced competencies to solve complex interdisciplinary problems and develop technical solutions specifically for the medical field. You will have acquired special knowledge and skills by conducting in-depth applied research projects.