Clavius: a case of technology transfer from high-energy physics to SME

The problem
The Mimotera, a monolithic active pixel sensor of crystalline silicon, is able to directly monitor antiproton and ion beams, and has been implemented as a beam monitor at the Antiproton Cell Experiment (ACE) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).
The readout rate of the sensor is high enough to track fluctuations in the beam intensity during one spill, such that the Mimotera could also serve as a tool for fast and reliable quality assurance in hadron therapy facilities.

The project
An electronic system able to capture, pre-process and forward the enormous quantity of data generated by the sensor has to be developed.

The result
A single board digital acquisition system with following characteristics:
• SoPC (FPGA) multi-processor architecture
• Handles more than 10'000 frames per second
• Programmable analog gain and offset
• 14 bit sampling
• HW accelerated real-time processing pipeline
• DDR2 SDRAM frame buffer
• Trigger inputs
• Gigabit Ethernet data link
• TCP/IP and UDP/IP data servers
• UDP/IP HW offload engine (exploits full gigabit bandwidth)
• Telnet (command line) control server.

Ivan Defilippis
Funding body

IRSOL, Locarno
OOMI, Stabio

Research axes
3 Innovative Products and Processes