Electro impedance tomografy

The problem
Fortyfive million people undergo general anesthesia each year. Anesthetic agents suppress normal breathing, so patients need to be mechanically ventilated. In addition, 3.8 million patients in ICUs worldwide undergo mechanical ventilation each year. Fifteen percent of all mechanically ventilated patients develop acute lung injury due to an untreated progressive lung collapse. Thirtynine percent die.

The project
The EIT is a modular system that measures and processes a patient’s ventilation parameters using non-invasive bioimpedance technology. Monitoring is accomplished by injecting a high-frequency low-amplitude alternating electrical current through the thorax into a sensor located on the circumference of the thorax, and simultaneous measurement of the resulting electrical field around the thorax using up to 32 electrodes.

The result
swisstom´s innovative electrical impedance tomography (EIT) displays the breathing lung directly on a monitor screen, making it visible to everyone. Like watching a movie, the physician can, for the first time, see what is going on in their patient’s chest.
Right at the bedside, they get immediate feedback on therapeutic measures.

Ivan Defilippis
Funding body
swisstom AG, Landquart

swisstom AG, Landquart

Research axes
3 Innovative Products and Processes